Runabc is a graphical user interface to several command line driven programs for processing abc files. It is written in Tcl/Tk script and will run on any computer or operating system in which Tcl/Tk is installed. This includes Windows, Unix, Linux and Macintosh. The script now provides graphical user interfaces to abc2abc, abc2midi, abc2ps, abcm2ps and yaps. You also need a midi player and a postscript viewer. If you are running on Windows (2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8) or Linux. you can get many of the executables here and also from the web site The ABC Plus Homepage. For other systems you will probably need to download the sources and compile them yourself. The link below illustrates the operation of this program. The link install.html provides links to web sites where you can get the various components to run the program.

runabc.html describes what this program does. Updated 2015-10_14. You can also download the entire documentation in a zip file Updated 2015-09-27

You can download the latest version of runabc.tcl here
1.967 November 12 2015 Source code
1.967 November 12 2015 Windows executable
1.967 November 12 2015 starkit
1.967 November 12 2015 Linux binary
1.939 June 10 2015 Mac binary
1.939 June 11 2015 Alternative Mac binary
1.967 November 12 2015 Windows install
runabc.exe has Tcl/Tk built in for Windows users who do not wish to install Tcl/Tk 8.5 on their system. Runabc.exe is now created using tclkit ( First save it to your hard drive and then run (no installs).

runabcexe is a similar executable with Tcl/Tk builtin for Linux.

runabc.kit will run without tcl/tk on almost any system where tclkit has been installed. See install.html for details.

For Windows system, Runabc_setup.exe will install runabc.exe and the abcMIDI executables, and create shortcuts on your start button and Desktop. Runabc will now work properly even if it is installed in the c:\Program Files (x86) folder. It will create a separate folder in your home folder called runabc_home where it will store runabc.ini and other files that it needs to write.


You need

abc2abc 1.84 November 05 2015
abc2midi 3.83 October 18 2015 1.3.3 December 2 2000
yaps 1.63 November 15 2015
midi2abc 2.99 October 18 2015
midicopy 1.22 November 15 2015
abcmatch 1.70 November 15 2015

You may find the sources of most of these files in the latest version of abcmidi (see below)  and you can obtain the executables for various operating systems from Guido Gonzato's web site - The ABC Plus Homepage.

The latest version is November 15 2015.

Executables for the Microsoft Windows operating systems are also available in the zip file This file was updated on November 15 2015 (includes abcm2ps-8.8.4 executable).

Documentation abc2midi guide . The guide was updated September 09 2015.

Other abc file links may be found in The abc Homepage.

Sample Abc files I have contributed

Balkan dances vol 1
Balkan dances vol 2
Israeli dances
International dances
Esac Database
Nottingham Database
Turkish Makams updated 2015/11/16
Klezmer Database cleaned up
Ottawa Slow Jam
work in progress updated 2015/11/22

EasyAbc Support

Nils Liberg has been too busy to support EasyAbc. Some numerous bug fixes have been contributed and you can find updated source code here.


November 16 2015 Turkish Makams database updated.

November 15 2015 abcMIDI - cleaning compiler warnings for Debian Linux

November 12 2015 runabc

November 10 2015 abc2abc

October 18 2015 source code of abcMIDI package cleaned up

October 08 2015 cleaned up some of the warnings produced by Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 when compiling abcmidi package. The makefile.w32 was updated to produce dynamically linked executables. in order to remove some of the gcc compilation warnings.

October 16 2015 runabc

October 04 2015 updated abc2midi and


This page was last updated on November 15 2015.